Malaysian Students Association @ Drexel U

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Drexel Malaysians!


  • Founded in 2008
  • Advisor: Dr. Lim Teck-Kah, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
  • Facebook page:
  • Official direct communication via EMAILS
  • Meeting minutes and relevant documents available through shared Google Drive folders
  • MSA Room – may change, but so far it’s been located at Creese Basement, Room J-48
  • Malaysians in Drexel are generally very few (< 6) although recent years seem to show an exponential increase of > 10
  • Officially recognized by the university
  • Fully funded (past records: approx. $4000 - $5000 annually) by the university through SAFAC though in good communications with the Malaysian Embassy
  • Highlight event: Malaysian Night, 3rd week of winter term
    • Celebrated its 5th year in 2013
  • Generally:
    • 2 to 3 (max) meetings per term, Saturday at 10 or 11 AM and runs for 2-3 hours
    • 2 organized self-hosted events per term, varying indirect involvements
      • Examples of self-hosted events:
        • Malaysian Night
        • CNY Night (new – 2013)
        • Diwali Kolam Competition
        • Movie Night (so far has phased out)
        • Tie-Dye
        • Sepak Takraw mini-tournament (still tentative)
        • Free Teh Tarik & Pisang Goreng Giveaway
      • Examples of indirect involvements:
        • Activities Unlimited
        • World Fusion Fest

MSA & You!

  • Support system, providing information and assistance whenever and wherever necessary 
  • Collaborate and get-together for official and unofficial events every quarter
  • Group dinners, pot-lucks and trips - informally as groups of friends - but in general, we highly encourage each and all members to maximize the overseas
       experience to the fullest! This means to associate and have your own group of friends, major or personally, outside of the MSA. Get out there and live it!